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The company is manufacturers of plastic colorant. With cooperation and support of Shanghai Organic Chemical Institute, Shanghai Dyestuff Institute, universities and institutes of Jiangsu Province, we can provide complete colorants for plastic with full chromatograph, brilliant color, bright tone, strong coloring power, good resistance of heat and light. Our products are widely used and praise by customers home and abroad.

In the extrusion process of thermoplastic plastic coloring, the colorant series of our company give your products rich colors and make them more colorful and brighter.

Our products are used in coloring of the following plastics:
(HIPS)shock resistant polystyrene
(SAN)multipolymer of phenylethylene and acrylonitrile
(AS)multipolymer of acrylonitrile and phenylethylene
(ABS)multipolymer of acrylonitrile, bivinyl and phenylethylene
(372)multipolymer of phenylethylene and methacrylic acid
(PMMA)polymethyl methacrylate
(CA)cellulose acetate
(UPVC)rigid PVC

This series of colorant for plastics are only soluble in organic solvent(such as aromatics, esters, hydrocarbon chloride, phenylethylene, methyl methacrylate), almost insoluble in water and water solution containing alcohol and acetic acid. So, colored plastic products will not bleed in water and dilute water solution.

In organic solvents, bleeding is existing(for example in printing). So, dyeing test shall be made before formal production to choose correct method meeting particular requirement.

The suggested dosage of colorant for PE, PP and CA is 0.05%.

Dyestuffs are put in normal agitators(like roller agitator, agitated blender and high-speed blender) and kneader and blended with plastics to dye. During this procession, dyeing auxiliaries like oil of turpentine, dibutyl ester, dioctyl ester or white oil, may be chose according to different plastic type to obtain better mixed result.

We suggest that test shall be made before using the products in large quantity to make sure what you need.

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